Enchant your dear ones with gifting combos

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When you’re giving a gift, you want to delight your loved one, whether it’s a lovely surprise or emotional support. Looking for a gift simply means that you have care and concern for that person and want to stay connected with them in all their ups and downs.

Without gifts, no occasion is complete. We must have all performed endless countdowns for our birthdays to receive the priceless gifts for which we waited an entire year. Be it any occasion, finding the ideal gift for our loved ones can be a little challenging, though. However, you don’t need to worry anymore because we have put together a few wonderful gift combos that will make your loved ones twice as happy.

 Chocolates with plants

Nothing beats chocolate when it comes to satisfying a sweet tooth. So why not a box of chocolates with a pretty plant that would remind your loved one of you every day with its beauty and freshness?

 Flowers with cakes

Flowers and cake are one of the best traditional gift combinations for any occasion to communicate your message to your loved one. So, without further ado, surprise your dear one with our finest collections of spongy, moist, and delicious cakes in most flavours, accompanied by a beautiful basket of flowers, which is an absolute pleasure to your dear one’s mind and soul.

Personalized gifts

A thoughtful gift is one that your loved ones will treasure for the rest of their lives, not just the moment they receive it. It should ideally serve as a constant reminder of your love and gratitude for their presence in your life.

Therefore, what better than a customized gift such as a mug with a plant, which is always a lovely sight to watch them grow along with love for your dear one, or a customized cushion with pictures as a reminder of the beautiful time spent together, or a lucky bamboo in the belief that it will bring them good fortune, happiness, and good health?

Flowers with Teddy Bears

The beauty of flowers and cuteness overloaded with a soft, fluffy teddy bear is one of the most popular combo gifts for Valentine’s, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Bouquet with chocolates

Chocolates are one of the easiest gifts to pick for any occasion because they save us a lot of time scrolling over and over. Along with chocolates, the best add-on is a banquet of blooming flowers, which is a combination of beauty and a treat for your loved ones’ taste buds.

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Amaze your partner with these best anniversary gifts

anniversary gifts to kerala

Marriage is a life-changing decision in your life. It brings joy, happiness, and lots of love. To intensify your love for your partner and treasure your memories of that unique day, We Gift Kerala, the best online gift delivery in Kerala introduces some of the most exquisite anniversary gifts for him and her to celebrate this joyous and momentous occasion.

Set of Perfume

The beauty of fragrance is that it speaks to your heart and perfumes are the art that makes memory speak. Therefore, amaze your partner with her or his favorite fragrances on this special occasion which they can carry along.

 Cozy Bedding Set 

A happy couple makes sure that they go to the bed together. This not only builds a strong relationship, but also it’s a space for the couples to have some serious discussion about their future wellbeing. Bedding sets are also one of the best gifts that can be given to the partner 

Moments captured in a photo frame. 

There will always be that one special moment we all need to have preserved to treasure the memories of enjoyable times spent with our partner, and engraving that special moment in a picture frame is the best-personalized way to convey your love and importance for your significant other.

Promise Ring to Couple Ring

What a wonderful way to express your love for your partner by transitioning from a promise ring to a couple ring. Commitment and trust in each other are the foundations of successful marriage life. Hence, a couple ring is one of the best anniversary gifts to symbolize that you are holding on to each other forever.  

Watch set for him and her

One of the thoughtful anniversary gifts you may give your lover is a wristwatch. It is a way to let partners know that you value them and want to be involved in their daily life. So, have a look at the best watch selection. There is a moment of suspense when you slide open the watch box to see what’s inside, just like with any other piece of jewellery.

Box of Dry fruits  

A box of dry fruit is one of the healthiest options for anniversary gifts for your lover to convey that you value wellness throughout your relationship. A bag of dry fruits is full of vitamins, minerals, and a lot of love. It is a timeless, conventional, and beneficial present.

One of the best parts of life is giving and receiving gifts on special occasions. Sending gifts to Kerala is also made much simpler and more convenient by wegiftkerala.com.

Additionally, you may add classics like anniversary cakes, flowers, and chocolates to these gifts to make them even more special. Enjoy giving.


Do’s and Don’ts of Gifting

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Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Valentine’s Day, Eid, Christmas, and other occasions necessitate gift-giving. Art of gifting is frequently not valued and is underutilized. While choosing the right gift for your loved ones, however, there is a long list of do’s and don’ts to consider before tying the last ribbon knot on your wrapped box. Check out the do’s and don’ts right here!


Make a Financial Plan

Set a budget for yourself to send priceless gifts to your dear ones. Though you can be as expensive as you like, overspending on a present not only wreaks havoc on your wallet, but also places a burden on the recipient to repay in kind. It is not something that everyone is capable of dealing.

Prepare ahead of time!

Don’t put off going to the gift shop until the last minute. A successful presentation is given with tremendous feelings and thoughts. Because planning a thoughtful present entails determining a budget, selecting options, enlisting the help of others, ordering, and delivering, it is best to begin at least two weeks before.

Find out from their friends and family what they might enjoy.

If you are still stumped about what they enjoy and don’t like, you may always ask their family or friends for suggestions. Reaching out to their loved ones will help you narrow down your options.

Give the Gift Receipt as well.

You would have picked a gift that best reflects your thoughts. There is a chance that the recipient will and will not like it just as much as you do. So why not give them a chance to choose something else over it, right. It is, after all, their gift!


Limiting yourself to tangible/materialistic gifts is not a good idea.

Instead of giving an item, how about giving an experience? There is a plethora of experience gifting options available today, in addition to the traditional ones. Studies show that experience makes the recipient feel closer to you than materialistic gifts. A video message from their favourite celebrity, a rock concert, a safari experience, breakfast-in-bed, and a dinner date are all possible experiments that you can try. These presents are sure to leave an indelible impression on their hearts that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Something to re-gift

How would you feel if you saw the gift you gave to a person being forwarded to another person, and that guy gifting it to you shortly? You’d be offended! As a result, it is better to avoid the complexities of re-gifting.

Don’t be afraid to purchase a one-of-a-kind item

You can stumble upon something unique and offbeat while looking for present ideas. Even if you don’t think it’s appropriate give it a chance. Don’t be hesitant to surprise your loved one with a one-of-a-kind gift. Who knows, maybe your gift will turn out to be something they’ve only imagined in their dreams. Also, have a look at some creative ways to offer a useful gift.

So there you have it. Some unsaid gift-giving ethics to think about before packing your next gift. Finally, keep in mind that giving presents is about more than just giving; it’s about expressing that you care, that you love, that you’re attentive, and that you’re generous of heart.

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Interesting facts about Fathers Day

Fathers Day

Every year people celebrate Father’s Day by planning activities to honor the unique fathers in their lives. Even though we have celebrated Father’s Day all these years, many may not be aware of its origins. The history of Father’s Day isn’t a straight line from conception to acceptance. So, what is Father’s Day? Where did it come from?

The day is celebrated for honoring fatherhood and paternal bonds, as well as the influence of fathers in society. In Catholic countries of Europe, it is being celebrated on March 19 as Saint Joseph’s Day since the Middle Ages. In the United States, the Father’s Day was founded by Sonora Smart Dodd, the daughter of American Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart. She was responsible for the founding of Father’s Day. Smart held her father in great esteem. While hearing a church sermon about the newly recognized Mother’s Day at Central Methodist Episcopal Church, Sonora strongly felt that fatherhood need to be recognized as well. She approached the Spokane Ministerial Alliance and suggested her own father’s birthday, on June 5, as the day of honor for fathers. The Alliance chose the third Sunday in June instead and celebrated it for the first time in 1910. The first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910.

Father’s Day is not an original custom of India but is rather followed by the influence of the western world. It is observed on the third Sunday of June in India. The day was usually celebrated only in major cities. But nowadays, it is common throughout the country. Significance on this day, children acknowledge and appreciate their fathers and father figures, who play an important role in their lives, be it emotionally, mentally, or even financially. On this day, children understand the importance of the role of a father in their life. This day acknowledges the contribution of fathers to their own families and society at large. Children buy or make presents for their father or father-like figure, write and draw cards, and spend the day engaging in activities that can be enjoyed with one’s father.

It is one of the most important days in the world, and there are numerous ways to honor your father on this day. For Father’s Day, we can purchase fathers day special cake or unique gifts. Any celebration is always incomplete without a gift. We Gift Kerala, the top online gift delivery in Kerala, promise to provide you with the best gifts at affordable prices for your dear ones on any occasion. Gift-giving is an act of self-gratification. It is a good way of strengthening relationships. You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to give a gift, give one to show how much you love someone anytime. You can make someone happy with something simple. It doesn’t need to be expensive gifts. We Gift Kerala can be used to wish your father on this father’s day.

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Gift healthy hampers and gift good health

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Finding the perfect gift for someone has become challenging for many. It is in this time when dry fruit hampers, ideal for every occasion, come in handy! A dry fruit gift basket is a kind, nutritious, and practical gift that will make your friend or family member feel special. Here we identified and highlighted the advantages of eating dry fruits for people of all age groups. 

Let’s begin with Raisins! It’s a perfect natural sweetener that is found in various drinks and foods. It makes a great addition to a dry fruit basket and is suitable for consumption all year. 

Raisins are a must-have dry fruit high in potassium, magnesium, carbs, and fibre. It can also help you stay energized. Experts say that raisins should be eaten only in moderation because they can cause weight gain.

Dates, though are the most commonly consumed dry fruit during the cold winter months, they are a versatile snack that can be enjoyed at any time. Dates are high in potassium, iron, vitamins, and fibre. They are also a delectable way to get a rapid energy boost. Dates are added in smoothies, fruitcakes, and ice creams. Just keep track of how many you consume. 

Apricots are the main dry fruit in the gift hampers. They are packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and beta carotene. It is believed that the juice of this delightful dry fruit can cure sunburns. One can also have a glowing skin with this. These dry fruits can fill you up quickly, reduce your appetite, and speed up your metabolism. Apricots can be eaten whole or used as a spread.

Have you all have heard about Prunes? Prunes are a dry fruit that is quite tasty. Summertime is a great time to eat prunes to receive that extra surge of energy that can be depleted by dangerous heatwaves. They’re high in antioxidants, which have been shown in studies to help reduce heart disease and heatstroke. They’re also good for lowering cholesterol and keeping muscles and bones in good shape. Prunes include dietary fibre, which maintains your gastrointestinal system healthy and reduces inflammation and constipation.

They can be difficult to digest if eaten in excess because they contain insoluble fibre. Other adverse effects such as weight gain and diarrhea are possible. As a result, only 2-3 prunes per day are recommended.

Summer dry fruits like figs are popular since they are nutritious and low in calories. Fibre, iron and folic acid are all abundant in them. They also include a lot of antioxidants, which can help avoid hypertension and heart failure. They can also help to improve the health of your heart. Simply soak 2-3 pieces overnight and reap the benefits the next morning.

These must-have dry fruits will keep you hydrated, energized, and even chill you down. So, eat these dry fruits to keep your body hydrated during the hot season. You may also use a combination of these dry fruits to construct fantastic gift baskets for various occasions. There are many more in the hampers. 

The dried fruit gift pack is the ideal solution for any event that calls for a present. Dry fruits are nutritious and delicious, and they contain no preservatives or artificial flavors. Dry fruit gift sets are ideal for varied occasions for a various reason. Dry fruit gift sets provide all of the advantages of fresh fruit without the bother. In We Gift Kerala, the best online gift delivery in Kerala’, we have a wide range of dry fruit gift hampers. Choose the right one for the right person. We are with you!


Amazing gift ideas for on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

A mother is someone who commits her life to supporting us and rescuing us from all of the hardships of life. Raising a happy and responsible child is a full-time job, and there are no fast cuts. She has always been with us through the ups and downs of life from birth till now. On the unique occasion of Mother’s Day, our dear mother, our life’s guidance, deserves to be lavished with love.

Here are a few Mother’s Day gift ideas that will last a lifetime and have a particular place in your mother’s heart.

A unique scent

When we are feeling down, the smell can impact our mood and boost our confidence. A unique perfume will make the most significant gift for your mother, bringing her joy and making her feel her best every day of the year. When selecting a scent for your mother, keep in mind the smell notes she prefers. That aroma will make her feel connected to you every time she wears it.

A chain with a diamond Pendant 

Your mother is the heroine of the house, and she manages the role expertly. As a result, giving her the diamond will make perfect sense. And, because jewellery is said to be the way to a woman’s heart, a diamond pendant on a chain is something your mother will cherish receiving on Mother’s Day. This gift has a lot of value and is treat for the parent who loves accessories.

Personalized Photo Frame 

A customized photo frame is the perfect Mother’s Day present to express your affection for your mother and demonstrate how much you care for her. A personalized photo frame with a treasured snapshot of all family members will undoubtedly touch her heart and soul while fitting neatly into your budget.

A piece of art

The mother brings the family together and decorates it with bright colours and joyful energy. If your mother is interested in art and enjoys collecting antiques, a stunning piece of artwork by a promising artist would be a fantastic Mother’s Day gift for her. It will be well worth the money and make her heart sing for a long time.

Books that Inspire

Is your mother one of those people who like the fragrance of a new book? Is she the type to sit in a corner for hours reading her favourite book? If you answered yes, we are guessing you already know how to put a lovely smile on her face on Mother’s Day. To touch her heart and transport her senses to a beautiful imaginative world, give her favourite author’s books along with a bouquet of red roses or her favourite flowers.

Warm wishes and selfless love are the best ways to express gratitude to the creator of your life. These priceless gifts will serve as the perfect transmitter of your feelings, conveying them to your dear mother in the most genuine way possible. We hope that the above gift suggestions assist you in making this particular event wonderful and memorable for years to come. Get your perfect gift this mother’s day from the best online gift delivery in Kerala. We Gift Kerala has a wide range of gifts that would surely help you to win your mom’s heart. 


Know the facts of a rose flower

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A rose is a real charm and a thing of beauty. It is a perfect expression of love, like a lovely poem and sweet music. The elegance of the rose has, of course, inspired poets and writers for ages as they couldn’t hold back their pens. 

Roses are the only gift that has not lost their trend even after years have passed on. They keep on increasing their value each day. But what matters is the colour and the number while gifting someone. A red rose echoes beauty which is believed to be the classic symbol of love and romance. What else is better than a red rose to express love? Thus, a bouquet of red roses is an ideal gift for any romantic occasion like Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries, or to a couple.

Likewise, pink roses are a superb pick to show love for friends and relatives on their birthdays and wedding anniversaries with whom you share a unique bond. They are given as a sign of gratitude, thanks, and respect. It represents elegance and dignity.

A bouquet of yellow roses on the other hand is the best gift to compliment your dear ones on graduation, promotion, and 25th or 50th wedding anniversary. It extends happiness and a smile.

White in general is a colour of calm and peace. An elegant white rose symbolizes innocence, joy, and purity. It is used for marriages and a new start. A wreath of white roses is also given at funerals to mark the remembrance. 

A bunch of lavender roses is the perfect option to express love at first sight. An Orange colour rose represents passion, confidence, and excitement. It is considered to be the wild child of the rose family. Have you seen a peach colour rose? Yes, it is the best option to thank someone or reveal your appreciation, and a great way to show your gratitude softly. There are still more rare colours which we shall discuss now.

A Salmon rose, feeling strange? Something between pink and peach. It is slightly more pink than orange and darker than peach colour. People share their passion and desire with these colour roses. Now comes the ivory roses. It symbolizes delight and is excellent to let somebody know that you care for them.

Also comes the mixed rose bouquet that can express your love, desires, and prayers for your loved ones.

Amazing Facts About Roses: 

  • Rose belongs to the Rosaceae plant family.
  • In the world, there are approximately 13000 varieties of roses.   
  • Did you know rose cultivation began in Asia around 5000 years ago?
  • Can you believe that roses of all colours were once wild?
  • Roses have a long life span. Rose fossils dating back 35 million years have been unearthed by archaeologists.
  • Except for the Rosa Sericea species, which has only four petals, most rose species have five petals in their blossoms.


Interesting points on the number of roses


Love, at first sight, is symbolized by a single rose stem.

Giving someone two roses expresses your undying love for them.

Three roses are a classic one-month anniversary gift that simply means I Love You.

Four roses are a great way to tell your loved one that nothing will stand in your way.

A bouquet of five roses is a great way to show a friend or partner how much you care.

Six roses are a symbol of affection. Presenting a bouquet of six roses is the greatest way to communicate ‘I want to be yours’ to your crush.

Nine roses represent everlasting love. Offering a bouquet or group of nine roses is the finest way to show your loved one that you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

Ten roses are ideal for expressing how great someone’s love is.

Giving 15 roses to someone expresses regret for hurting them.

Say it with a bouquet of 20 roses when you wish to express your sincere affection for someone unique.

Give 25 roses to your loved ones to congratulate them on their accomplishments.

To express your unlimited love for someone special, a gorgeous bouquet or arrangement of 50 roses is ideal.

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Did You Know? Cupcakes and Muffins are different

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You all might have had muffins and cupcakes many times. But how many of you know the real difference between them. There may also be times when you had talks with your friends that it’s a muffin! No, it’s a cupcake! 

It is a general debate that cupcakes are just a kind of muffin with frosting. Even today, there is still a disagreement about it! Here let us discuss in detail the factual difference between the two. Cupcakes and muffins are both delectable-looking sweets that can satisfy any sweet taste.

Though they may appear similar, they differ in texture, flavour, ingredients, cooking method, and presentation. First, let us go over the fundamentals! Cupcakes are entirely sweet and mostly small desserts. It has even the same components and recipe as a cake. They are baked in an aluminium cup or a baking pan lined with parchment paper. Once the cupcakes are fully baked and fluffy, they are put to cool before being frosted. These days’ people prefer to get creative and design cupcakes with a variety of delicious decorations.

People prefer cupcakes to cakes, and thus has become a standard for all occasions. Muffins are spongy, spherical appetizers that are a healthier alternative to cupcakes. It has made many eat them for breakfast and evening snacks. Muffins are not as sugary as cupcakes. They come in some savoury flavours. This dish has a firm texture with less sugar and butter.

 Real difference between cupcakes and muffins

Now let’s see some of the major differences between cupcakes and muffins! The fillings and frostings are the most significant distinction between cupcakes and muffins. 

   Cup Cakes
  • Cupcakes have higher sugar and fat content than other baked goods. 
  • The same ingredients used in cakes are used in it. 
  • Butter and sugar are creamed together before baking cupcakes.
  • To make the mixture airy and attain smoothness and fluffiness, beat it at a consistent and high speed.  
  • Cupcakes are lavishly decorated with frosting, sprinkles, pearls, and other edible decorative. Sweet or juicy fillings are used in the center of some cupcakes.
  • Cupcakes are always sweet. The majority of their flavours are fruity or sweet. 


  • Muffins have less sugar and healthy ingredients like vegetable oil instead of butter. Oat flour is used instead of all-purpose flour.
  • Muffin batter must be whisked thicker. 
  • It is served without any frosting or sugary toppings.
  • Muffins can be sweet or savoury.


Overall, the procedure, ingredients, and finishing touch are the main differences between cupcakes and muffins. Now, as things are all clear and transparent, get cupcakes and muffins from the best online cake delivery in Kerala. We Gift Kerala has the best cakes and gifts for all occasions. Now the choice is yours! 

Indoor Plants: A Positive Aura For Your Home

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A home is the first private place people choose to relax and unwind. An aesthetically pleasing environment will help in uplifting the mood of the people who are living and visiting the house. It will also leave a great impression on the guests.


Unlike in the past, nowadays, people give a lot of importance to interior decorations. Even middle-class people are ready to spend on interiors economically. Interior decors can be paintings, wall hangings, photos, and so on. One of the most common and economical interior décors that are in demand is indoor plants. Indoor plants are boon for people who are living in flats and for whom outdoor gardening has its limitations. These provide a green aura to their home. 


Low – Maintenance Indoor Plants


In the majority of nuclear families, both husband and wife will be earning. Considering their busy schedule, they may not get ample time to take care of their indoor plants regularly. Low – maintenance plants are an ideal choice for such people.

Money plant is the common indoor plants that people own and prefer to have. Apart from the money plant, some of the low maintenance plants are:

  • Snake Plant
  • Aloe Vera
  • Lucky Bamboo
  • Spider Plant
  • Croton
  • Areca Palm
  • Fern
  • Baby Rubber Plant
  • Flamingo Lilly or Anthurium andraeanum
  • Basil

Snake plant is an air purifier too and requires less light. Aloe Vera is a must plant if you are keen on keeping your body clean, healthy, and beautiful. It can be applied externally as well as consumed internally as juice. Apart from placing it near a window where there is ample sunlight, all you have to do is to water it when the soil seems dry. 

Feng Shui believes that lucky bamboo brings luck to the home. It is a very low-maintenance plant with shoots similar to bamboo. The shoots are usually kept in water.


Spider plant retains water, therefore regular watering is not required and direct sunlight is also not necessary. It can reproduce too! These baby plants can be given as a token of love to your dear ones. Keeping the soil moist and keeping from indirect light is all you need for the tall leafy areca palm plant.


If you want to add some color and place a unique plant that stands out apart from the greenery, go for croton with its yellow, orange, red, and green leaves. The leaves will have a shining effect if it is put in a sunny corner. 


Ferns and Baby Rubber Plant are good hanging flowers. Baby Rubber Plant can hold water in their leaves. Both require only the right amount of watering and sunlight. Flamingo Lilly or Anthurium andraeanum is a much sought-after plant that gives an elegant look. It needs only moisture in the soil and indirect sunlight.


In the kitchen, a basil plant is a good option to be placed at the window. It requires low water and purifies the air. Rosemary, Oregano, Cilantro, Chives, Mint, Thyme, and Parsley are low-maintenance herbs to keep in the kitchen.


Many people are passionate about indoor gardening and is an ideal option for gifting. For more variety of options on indoor plants, visit https://www.wegiftkerala.com/.




Let us strive to have more women leaders than women victims!

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Who is a woman? She is more often referred to as a daughter to someone, someone’s wife, someone’s mother, and so on. But is that all her identity? She gives life, nurtures her child, and finally moulds them into perfect individuals and social beings. Is she given her due to respect in today’s world? 

International Women’s Day which falls on March 8 every year is observed to celebrate womanhood, to emphasize her rights, freedom, and individuality. The day addresses many issues she is facing in the world – abuses against her, domestic violence, rape (including marital rape), the discrimination she faces in society, and a lot more. The United Nations celebrated the first International Women’s Day in 1975. However, the first Women’s Day was celebrated in 1909 as National Women’s Day in New York by the Socialist Party of America.

Now, March 8 is celebrated widely across the globe. There are various activities held for women such as honouring women achievers, conducting competitions, conferences, and rallies – all as part of this day. The theme for International Women’s Day 2022 is Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow. Even though we have advanced in many other aspects, technologically and economically, in many areas, gender equality is only present in long speeches and papers. We need to fight more to attain gender equality in both personal and public spaces – be it in private and public offices, business spaces, politics, or the entertainment industry.

Women, unlike men, are not duly recognized for their work, and worse if she is unemployed. Don’t want to show your love and respect to the woman/women in your life? Celebrate this women’s day by giving them wonderful gifts that they will cherish for a lifetime. There are a variety of options available from the simple and most common gift of being a cake and bunch of roses to personalized gifts like mugs with a caricature of maybe a superwoman or some notes on her achievement. There are pillows, cosmetic sets, jewellery, chocolate and gourmet women’s day gift box, t-shirts with inspirational wordings or quotes. Posters, photo frames, bags, perfume sets are some of the other gift options. Gifting a wonder woman coffee cup, wonder woman cap, girl power wooden pop socket, girl boss gift set will certainly boost the confidence of the girl/woman you are gifting. Acknowledging their potential and position in society will help them in striving for more success. For more gift options and free delivery of gifts in Kerala, visit https://www.wegiftkerala.com/.

Nevertheless, Women’s Day is something that should not be celebrated in just one day. Injustice against here is on the rise. On each women’s day, we should strive for creating a better and healthier environment for them so these crimes against them come down at least by a small percentage by the next year we celebrate this day. Let us hope to see more women reigning power in organizations and government. Let her have the freedom and independence to make decisions without fear and apprehensions.




Choose the best on special days – The ideal birthday gifting options!

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What is the most important day of your life? Nothing less than the day you were born – your birthday, when you first experienced the outer world outside your mother’s womb. How can it go like a casual day, without celebration – be it small or big. It is indeed a day to be cherished and celebrated.

Have you ever thought about what you would gift a one-year-old baby? In the current era, you have more gift options than earlier. It includes customized cakes, baby seaters, a photo frame that shows the child in 12 months, toys of various ranges for boys and girls separately, a combo dress pack, and many more attractive items. For kids, you could gift them according to their tastes. With more than a dozen cartoon channels available these days, gifts can be personalized based on their favourite cartoon character. For example, you can personalize a cake in the shape of a Barbie doll, paw patrol, Chota Bheem, and the like. There are also plenty of toys available in the market.

For girls and ladies, jewellery can be personalized and gifted. Girls love roses too. A bouquet of roses along with a gift would enlighten their excitement. There are many more exciting gifts like bags, personalized mugs, pillows, and her favourite makeup brand that could be gifted on their special days. Framing a photo collage with friends and giving the same would be an ideal option. Personalized Bluetooth speakers are also available now. This is ideal for both men and women who love music. Wallets, T-Shirts, watches, and perfumes are some of the gift choices for men. Desk watches and a box of chocolates are other options for them. 

Does growing old stop you from celebrating birthdays? Never! Choices may not be that flamboyant, but that is not the case with everyone. On considering the character of people, one could choose the gift. It could be a blanket or if the person is religious, we could give them an idol or a lamp or a Pooja box. A replica of the family tree, with photos framed, would help them travel down memory lane. Old people would prefer listening to music or programs to watching them. A radio or a music player would be an ideal choice. A wooden box to keep the valuables they had treasured all their lives is also an option. We can also get wooden eyeglass stands and customized mugs for your grandparents. 

Books are one of the best options that can be gifted to anyone irrespective of age. If the person is tech-savvy, you can give them a Kindle. It is easy to maintain. People also gift indoor plants to those who love greenery in their homes. Yoga accessories are another option, especially if the person is very conscious about health and practices yoga. If you are looking for gift choices for a culinary expert, then go for kitchen accessories or vessels. If the person is an art lover, you can gift them paintings or anything that adds as home decor. 

However, the most common available gifts are bouquets, cakes, sweet boxes, and indoor plants. For a variety of choices and fast delivery, visit wegiftkerala.com and get the best for your loved ones.


Valentines day Gift Delivery in Kerala

We are just one week away from celebrating Valentine’s Day! Couples all over the world are in a celebrating mood. Have you decided how to celebrate with the most precious gift for your valentine? But wait, do you know how this day evolved or how such a day came into existence? There are a lot of stories related to it.


Let us travel back to centuries and centuries. There was a pagan festival – an ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, a fertility festival observed on February 15. The day was dedicated to Faunus, the Roman God of agriculture, and the founders of Rome – Romulus and Remus.


In ancient days, there was a belief that the founders of Rome were raised by a she-wolf. The Roman priests would visit the caves and sacrifice goats for fertility and dogs for purification. They dipped the skin of these animals in blood and whipped the women and crops so that they would become fertile. During this festival, men picked up the names of girls, similar to that of drawing a lottery, from a container. The person they choose would be their partner for the festival. And if they liked them, they could continue the partnership. However, this festival was abandoned in 494 CE by the Christian church under Pope Gelasius I.


It is one of the histories behind it. Centuries after that, there is a story related to St. Valentine, who lived during the 270 CE. He was killed by the Roman emperor Claudius II Gothicus since he performed marriages against the emperor’s wishes. The emperor believed that unmarried men would make better soldiers. It was believed that St. Valentine wrote a letter to the jailer’s daughter, who he was in love with, and signed a letter as ‘Your Valentine’. Another bishop Valentine of Terni (Bishop of Interamna – Central Italy), was also martyred on the same day. One more St. Valentine was martyred in Africa – all three on February 14.


In the 14th century, the father of English literature, Geoffery Chaucer, in his poems, ‘The Parlement of Foules’ and ‘The Complaint of Mars’ associated love with St. Valentine. So, it was later claimed by the late Jack B. Oruchan, an English professor at the University of Kansas that Geoffery Chaucer invented Valentine’s day. Coincidentally, in Britain, February is the month of mating for birds. Considering all these factors, February is celebrated as the month of love and affection.


Shakespeare in one of his famous plays, ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’, mentions Valentine’s Day (Saint Valentine’s Day).

As early as in the 18th century, cards were exchanged in England on Valentine’s day. Now it has evolved from cards to expensive gifts. However, in India, this day was not celebrated till the 1990s. As more foreign shows were exposed to the Indian audience, Valentine’s Day gained more popularity. People started celebrating it with the same pomp and vigor as the Western world.

We Gift Kerala has the most unique gift collections for celebrating this day with your loved one. Send the best valentines day gift through the best online gift delivery in Kerala.

Why We Gift Kerala?
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Best Online Gift Delivery in Kerala

Are you staying away from Kerala and missing those D-days with your loved ones? It could be a birthday, anniversary, or celebration of any sort that is so important and close to you! Wondering how to surprise them and make them feel your presence. Why delay? We Gift Kerala, the best online gift delivery in Kerala, are more than happy in being part of your happiness and help you deliver your choicest gift at the right time, anywhere in Kerala!

With an experience of over eight years and with over more than 1000 gift options available, we are the right people you can approach at any time. Gifts need that extra touch of love when the person receives them. It should convey the warmth and emotion of the sender. We are here to personalize the gifts for you and get them delivered. 

We have a dedicated team who makes sure that your gift reaches your loved ones on time.

Our Products

Flowers and chocolates are the most common gift items preferred. Keeping this in mind, we started our business by delivering a variety of flowers – be it roses, orchids, lilies, carnations, gerbera, and other seasonal flowers available to add beauty to the occasion. You must be wondering about the freshness and quality of flowers. You need not worry about that. Our florists’ experts, who have experience for more than 10 years will make attractive bouquets, bunches and do flower arrangements most uniquely. We have a wide supply chain of options that help choose the required flowers. 

We also have a team of best bakers from Kerala and a dedicated delivery team who will make cake gifting a unique and hassle-free gift option – for weddings, anniversaries, valentine’s day, Christmas, New Year, Father’s Day, Mothers’ Day, Friendship Day and any other special occasion. Celebrating a special moment at the stroke of 12 is something even more special and we also undertake midnight cake delivery -again anywhere in Kerala.

Many people prefer the flower and cake combo and we get a lot of orders for this. It is equally beautiful and economical. 

If you want to give a traditional and Kerala touch to your gifts, come and explore our gifting categories like Kerala kasavu mund and sarees, brass lamps, Kerala chundan vellam, Kerala nilavilaku, Kerala brass kindi, mural print sarees, and other authentic Kerala items. We can also customize these gift items and send them across. 

We also have organic items such as fresh and dried fruits. If your loved one is a plantaholic, we will help you with delivering live plants and fruit trees.

Our professionalism and credibility

Since we are an online platform, you will be having many apprehensions on how credible we are, our refund policy, if we will deliver undamaged products, we guarantee you 100% professionalism in this regard. As soon as the gift is delivered you will receive a gift notification message. The strong delivery network across Kerala ensures a 2487 customer service spanning across all the districts of the State. 

You can cancel the product 24 hours before the delivery date. We will refund the number of gifts if there is damage or defect. Our mail id wegiftkerala@gmail.com and the phone number 91 81118 27745 (call between 8.00 am to 8.00 pm and any day) are always active and our representatives will get back to you. Log onto our website https://www.wegiftkerala.com/, get in touch with us and make your special day with loved ones more colorful and festive!


Express your love the right way

on this Valentine’s Day


Send Gifts to Kerala

February is a month dedicated to celebrating love. The 14th of the month is when you celebrate love in its full vigour. Can we imagine Valentine’s day without gifts? The beauty of love multiplies when expressed and shared. Which day is better than Valentine’s day? Gift your valentine most uniquely and romantically by showering your love on them.

With the influx of metro culture, Kerala has now gone a long way from its conservative shield. It is not only in big cities like Kochi, Trivandrum ad Kozhikode, but the day is celebrated even in some towns and villages – from school students to elderly couples. And now, the influence of social media has made people feel incomplete without celebrating Valentine’s day.

Let us look at some of the top gift choices available! Flowers, especially the rose, are the best gift option. Who does not love to gift a bouquet to their loved ones? The most romantic yet least expensive gift would be a bunch of roses and wait to see the glow on your Valentines’ face. Have you thought of combining this with a bar of chocolates? Yes, it would be one of the best gift combos.

A perfect treat for the heart and stomach! There are also high demands for heart-shaped cakes. No woman would say no to wearing jewellery. And what if it is a heart-shaped pendant? Not only chains and lockets, but you can also buy a couple of rings and earrings. Pillows are said to be comfort material or friends in one’s most private spaces. Imagine seeing your loved one’s photo on a pillow? Yes, go for personalized pillows where photos can be printed most romantically. LED pillows are also available in the market. There are not just pillows, but you can have a couple of photos imprinted in mugs, key chains, engraved photo frames, showpieces, and many more. 

Wondering what to gift your beau? The choices are not as affluent as gifting her. But the options are also not less. Perfumes allure men and women equally. Men love the two have Ws – Wallets and watches. Personalized wallets are also available. Customized keychains and beer/wine bottles are other options. There are also great demands for chains and bracelets. You can also gift a scrapbook that will serve as a couple of diaries or a mini photo album keychain where your we-times will be etched forever.

You can call it a day by having a couple of dinners, preferably a candlelight dinner. Kerala is blessed to have many seaside restaurants that can add to your mood. If you are a hilltop person, you can book a restaurant there. There is no scarcity of such places and restaurants with a cozy ambiance in Kerala. It would also be the ideal place to break your surprise gifts. 

Visit our site, https://www.wegiftkerala.com/ to send gifts to Kerala for your loved ones. We have 24*7 customer service where you can contact us for delivering gifts anywhere in Kerala. We Gift Kerala is the best online gift delivery in Kerala. 

Bring Luck to You!

Online Gift D

Have you heard of Lucky Bamboo? You might have! Yes, it is one of the low-maintenance interior plants. Yet another interesting aspect of this plant is the belief in its power to change their life. Yes, for years, it is believed that this plant can bring you good luck and prosperity in all areas of your life if placed in your house or business. However, to achieve greater results, you must first know the hidden meanings surrounding the number of stems on a lucky bamboo plant. 


The one-stemmed lucky bamboo indicates reality or responsibility. One stem is identified with straightforward things. Although presenting one stem of bamboo is not very popular, you must bring this to your location if you want the truth to triumph. The number two is a lucky number as per Chinese beliefs. The two stems of lucky bamboo are generally presented to lovers or as a wedding gift to nesting pairs. So, from a broader perspective, two represent love. According to Chinese thought, three symbolizes happiness. A three-stemmed bamboo plant represents a longing for a fresh start. So, if you are looking for a birthday or New Year present, this plant arrangement would suffice.

As we all know, nature is made up of five elements like the air, water, earth, fire, and wood. It is believed that when all these are in agreement with one another, then happiness, success, health, money, and other aspects of life will emerge. As a result, five stems of fortunate bamboo symbolize balance, serenity, harmony, and power. Have a five-stem bamboo plant at your home or office if you want to be successful in life. It will assist you in attaining all of your objectives while maintaining a happy attitude.


According to Feng Shui traditions, the number six represents blessings. A six-stem bamboo plant plays an essential part in attracting more happiness in life, success in business or professional activities, and harmony at home. The placing of seven bamboo stems in your relationship might increase emotional intimacy. The presence of seven stems denotes a sense of belonging. So, if you wish to succeed in a joint business or a collective effort, bring a lucky bamboo plant with seven stems.


In Asian and Chinese culture, the number eight represents immense riches and happiness. In China, the concept is so strong that most business owners desire to use the number 8 in their addresses, phone numbers, building floors, and even business names. Bringing eight stems of the fortunate bamboo plant can also bring you enormous riches, wealth, and joy in life.


According to Indian numerology, the number nine is known as God’s number. A nine stem lucky bamboo can help you bring good fortune to every aspect of your life. Here are the secrets behind other numbers. Let’s have a look! A lucky bamboo with 21 stems represents harmony and success whereas, the one with 88 stems represents a doubling of joy. A plant with 99 stems represents long-time relationships.


Have you any missing numbers? Yes, we have missed out on number 4. There is a reason for it. According to Chinese belief, the number four represents death and bad warning. This number is frequently omitted from the sequence of numbers in many high-rise buildings. A bamboo plant with four stalks is harmful to one’s success in life, which is why you won’t find any bamboo plants with four stalks in it.


If you notice that your efforts are not being recognized or appreciated sufficiently, then something is missing. You’ll need to find a good balance of positive energies. Placing the lucky bamboo plant in your house brings good luck and happiness. We Gift Kerala, the best online gift delivery in Kerala, has various stems of the lucky bamboo plants to bring you immense wealth and happiness. 


X'mas Tree Decor Idea Is Here Plan it now

Xmas Tree Decor Ideas

Christmas is approaching, which means it is time to decorate the halls, adorn the Xmas tree with decorations, and make things shine and glow. The most joyful action that promotes cheer is putting up a Christmas tree. Are you a professional tree decorator? Do not worry if you are not one! We have got some fascinating and fun filled decor suggestions for you to attempt along with us. Let us together bring in freshness and positivity. Here are some tips from the pros on how to decorate your Christmas tree.

Get a basic evergreen tree and decorate it with lovely red, gold, green lights, and round ornaments. When it comes to hanging ornaments, there are no strict guidelines. As a result, you have the freedom to conduct various tries. Simply make sure the decorations aren’t dangling from long strings. The idea is to make the decorations look as if they are blooming from the branch. You can add the big decorations by tucking them into the tree. 

Ribbons are a great way to decorate anything. For a long time, this has been one of the most popular Christmas tree decoration ideas because it has a plain, classy, and stylish look. To shape and style your Christmas Tree, you can use ribbons of various types. By layering the ribbon and adding a unique final touch, you may enhance the look of your work. Next fill in the gaps with Christmas garlands, twigs, or pearls. 


Make everything colourful and adorable! Add some bright Christmas balls, delicate snowflakes, fairy lights, and gold stars to make it enormous. The tree will not only look cute but will also sit comfortably on the top. 


If you are new to it here is a simple trick, maintain a simple approach. This Christmas tree decoration idea would be perfect if you prefer to keep things simple. It also saves both time and money. A simple collection of ornaments and a simple set of ornaments will keep your Christmas tree lovely, cute, and glam. You can also adorn your Christmas tree from top to bottom with vintage toys and similar stuff. We Gift Kerala, one of the best online gift delivery in Kerala, has unique Christmas gift and celebration ideas. Christmas is always a joyous occasion. Enjoy every moment with We Gift Kerala!



                       Anniversary gifts to wow your wife

Best Online Gift Delivery in Kerala

Do you know the most memorable days in a man’s or woman’s life? Yes, it’s the wedding day! It’s even more special to commemorate the wedding day every year. It is the day when you can recollect all of the happy and sad times you have shared with your sweetheart. We Gift Kerala is the top online gift delivery in Kerala, and we have put up a list of the best wedding anniversary presents to wow your wife.

Make this day even more memorable by planning a surprise anniversary gift for your wife. Are you stumped as to where to begin your search for an anniversary present ideas for your wife? We Gift Kerala is constantly available to assist you with your gifting.

Here are some ways to impress your wife with the perfect wedding anniversary gift, and we’re confident she’ll shower you with hugs and kisses.

  • Personalized Gifts are the best choice!

There is always a personalized present for a wedding anniversary, let it be the first, fifth, or fiftieth. Have you thought about elegant personalized bangles for your first anniversary? It’s a great one if she loves wearing them. LED photo cushion is a good option for your fifth anniversary. For a ten-year of togetherness celebration, a personalized magic mirror is perfect. When it is your silver jubilee, a gifting idea for your wife is a personalized rotating lamp. A photo book is the perfect one for the golden jubilee.

  • Chocolate Gifts

There are no words to describe the lovely taste of delectable chocolate melting in our mouths. You can give your beloved wife a chocolate gift basket for her anniversary or put together a personalized Cadbury chocolate hamper with her favourite chocolates. Chocolate bouquets are the perfect ones. These chocolate bouquets are delicious and lovely, and they’ll blow her mind.

  • Try it with petals

When it comes to relationships, flowers are one of the most timeless gifts. Send roses in a heart shape arrangement to her with a happy anniversary note. Orchid flowers basket, white lilies, mixed roses bouquet, or select any of her favourite flowers. These are some other floral presents to consider.

  • Soft Teddy Bears

Are you away from your better half owing to your or her work schedule? You may give her life-size soft toys as a present. Soft toys keep your affection near to her, and she can even confide in them about her darkest secrets. Soft teddy bears for wives on anniversaries are available in varied shapes, sizes, and colours.

  • Lip smacking Cakes

Any pleasant event is made better with a tasty cake. On this anniversary, use Pinata cakes and make your wife jump with joy. Pinata cakes are beautiful, delicious, and full of surprises. Photo cakes, tier cakes, rainbow cakes, five-star cakes, and fondant cakes are other gifting options for wedding anniversary cakes. For all of these options, you can have heart-shaped anniversary cakes.

  • Dress and Accessories

Are you visiting to surprise her? Order lovely gowns and accessories such as jewellery, a gorgeous purse, sunglasses, or a lady’s watch. Make plans for a candlelight meal at home or a luxury restaurant for her. You can also spice things up by spending the night in a fancy hotel.

We Gift Kerala, the best online gift delivery in Kerala, has a variety of anniversary presents for women, ranging from greeting cards to cakes, flowers, and personal items. To send a wedding anniversary gift for your wife from anywhere in the world, choose from these astonishing and romantic gift options. Our delivery network will ensure that your love arrives on time.



     Get to Know Five Unique Gifting Ideas for Men!

Online Gift Delivery in Kerala

Men are always difficult when it comes to gifting! It’s been a humongous task to find that perfect gift for the man, let it be your boyfriend, brother, dad, grandfather, husband, or son. Year after year, gifting the same trusted gifts like shirts, perfumes, or cufflinks is boring. So let’s look into a few unique gifting ideas for the man in your life.

  1. Ladies are not the only ones interested in looks and makeup. Even guys do like pampering themselves with some classic men’s beauty treats. There is an evident trend in the rise of masculine makeup and grooming, which has helped many men’s exclusive brands like Formen, Glossier, Tomford, etc. So if you are looking for a very classy and unique gifting idea, this one is perfect!

  2. Does he love partying? Then portable Bluetooth speakers are the best choice for him. There are many brands with different features to add on with this compact power pack speaker. There are speakers with the best features like small-sized to powerful, voice control, water resistance, rechargeable battery, visual effects, and durability. These are undoubtedly unique. So buy brand new portable Bluetooth speakers as your gift for him to dance on his favourite tracks.

  3. Books are always a great choice for gifting. You can always discover great books for him, no matter what his age is. Numerous online gift shops also sell books, making life much easier these days. If he enjoys reading, an autographed copy or a new release will be sure to please him.

  4. Is your special one a travel sfreaks? Then a surprise travel plan or a staycation will be a kind of great gift for him. Though it’s a bit tricky to do a travel plan as a surprise, you can always find a way to make things happen! If you couldn’t book a trip for your travel enthusiast, there is a lot of goodies that will be the favourite pick for him. From travel gadgets to skincare to travel accessories, the list goes on. So it’s pretty cool to have a travel-loving guy around when it comes to gifting him.

  5. Last but not least on the list is personalized gifts. It can be anything but make it customized just for your loved one. Nothing can be special as that moment when someone gifts you a personalized gift just meant for you.

    There are many online gift shops these days, making gifting an easy task. Online gift delivery like wegiftkerala.com is a plethora of gifts perfect for your need. Get into them and avail of their same-day delivery and mid-night delivery services for a remarkable gifting experience.